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New state-of-the-art main office for booming TVH

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New state-of-the-art main office for booming TVH

On Thursday 31 March 2022 TVH officially opened the doors of 'The Hub', its brand-new main office in Waregem. In the presence of 200 guests CEO Dominiek Valcke inaugurated the new building. "With this state-of-the-art office building, we want to send a clear signal that we still are firmly anchored in Waregem”, says Dominiek Valcke.

In April 2019, TVH started the preparatory works for the construction of a new main building. This new 13 000 m² building, named 'The Hub', is the sleek, bright and contemporary solution to the impending lack of space that TVH was experiencing because of its rapid growth. In its design, great attention was paid to comfort, ergonomics and efficiency. Numerous CO2 sensors, temperature sensors and controls, ensure a pleasant indoor climate, and the many sound-absorbing materials also contribute to comfort.


TVH has more than 5000 employees worldwide, with Belgium alone accounting for more than 2500 colleagues; a number that continues to grow each year. To accommodate the growing workforce, additional workplaces had to be created.

"The growth that TVH has experienced in recent years entailed a strong increase in the number of employees. We didn't just create more office space with The Hub. We can now also support our employees better with extra meeting rooms, an auditorium, a new company restaurant, a showroom and an extensive meeting centre", says CEO Dominiek Valcke. "This additional space is certainly not an unnecessary luxury, since we are looking for more than 250 new colleagues to strengthen TVH, in Waregem alone. With this state-of-the-art office building, we want to send a clear signal that we still are firmly anchored in Waregem."


The pièce de résistance can be found on the ground floor of the new main building: the TVH Experience Center. "This unique 1500 m² visitor centre primarily serves as a location to familiarise visitors, such as customers, suppliers, associations, schools and applicants, with the offer, services, atmosphere and working method of TVH", says Facility Director Luc Rasschaert. "And thanks to its interactive nature, TVH Experience Center is much more than just a showroom. Visitors can play games and test their driving skills with a virtual lift truck in a warehouse, for example."


To celebrate the inauguration of this new main building and all its facilities, TVH organised a big event on Thursday 31 March. Among the 200 guests were dean of the Vlerick Business School Marion Debruyne and founder of Smartfin Jürgen Ingels. Both of them took part in a panel discussion on the economy and the labour market.


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