Here's what you can look forward to

Our benefits look after every aspect of your life. And not just during working hours. From afterwork socials and sporting fundraisers, to learning programs, health benefits and more, there’s plenty of chances to have fun and be part of the TVH community.

A friendly and welcoming culture


  • A people-centric culture where everyone belongs. 
  • Everyone has a platform to share their ideas thanks to TVH Innovate. 
  • One Personal Day and one Volunteer Day for all colleagues. 

Wellbeing at work


  • Comprehensive insurance options, including medical, dental, vision, life and pet. 
  • Paid maternity leave. 
  • An on-site health clinic. 
  • A dollar for dollar 401(k) match up to 6% of your salary. 


A positive working environment


  • Our Nudge program helps you live a fit, healthy and balanced lifestyle. 
  • We Are One program, which gives all colleagues access to fun monthly activities that encourage collaboration.
  • We recognize and reward people who go above and beyond their duties with our TVH One program. 

Your development


  • Many in-house and external training courses, including my TLink, which has over 1,000 courses and videos, and TVH University. 
  • A buddy program for new hires and a Mentor program for experienced staff to share their knowledge. 
  • A tuition reimbursement program. 

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