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Join our teams of IT and data professionals and take part in our digital (r)evolution. Grow our business with data insights and analysis. Work with the latest technologies that drive our proprietary software. But also our highly automated warehouses and webshop with 44 million spare parts.

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Mom / Best Friend / Book lover / Germanist

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Family man / Kendoka / Foodie / Data domain expert

I have so many interests … Enjoying quality time with my wife and son, taking photographs of food, capturing special moments in life. Also, I have always been a passionate gamer. And 5 years ago, I started practising kendo. It helped me to focus on improving myself rather than competing with others.
Every new project brings new challenges, learnings and opportunities to grow. That fits in with my general curiosity. I want to know all about discoveries, inventions and technology for example. And learning new languages helps me to connect with people across cultures throughout TVH.
Hrishikesh, Data domain expert
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