Operations Manager - India Consolidation Centre


Operations Manager - India Consolidation Centre
Logistics & Warehouse
13 May, 2024
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As the Operations Manager at the Consolidation Center in India, your primary responsibility is to optimize warehouse operations and lead a high-performing team. You'll spearhead the implementation of advanced warehousing practices to enhance efficiency and ensure seamless end-to-end fulfillment of customer orders, prioritizing customer satisfaction while managing costs effectively.

In this capacity, you'll forge strong partnerships with logistics suppliers and within the TVH Group, fostering collaborative relationships to streamline operations and maximize productivity.

Your leadership will be pivotal in cultivating a positive work environment and maintaining professionalism across warehouse operations, ensuring that your team consistently delivers exceptional service to customers.

Job Location - Kalyan, Navi Mumbai, India

Job Role & Responsibilities

Purchasing and Logistics Management

  • Strategize, coordinate, and oversee purchasing, logistics, and warehouse operations to meet targets in cost-effectiveness, productivity, accuracy, timeliness, quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.
  • Manage orders with domestic suppliers, seeking operational efficiencies and cost savings within budget constraints.
  • Develop and maintain departmental policies and procedures.
  • Provide guidance to optimize the layout, labeling, and tracking of products in the India warehouse, ensuring adherence to operational procedures and accurate record-keeping.
  • Coordinate stock counts to ensure accuracy and resolve discrepancies, while maintaining performance metrics for quality, inventory, delivery, and efficiency.
  • Lead cost reduction and continuous improvement initiatives throughout the fulfillment process to optimize stock levels.
  • Manage relationships, contracts, and service levels with local suppliers and analyze the impact of logistics changes.
  • Recommend measures for improving service quality, department efficiency, and equipment performance.
  • Collaborate with peers to align departmental activities and serve internal customers effectively.

Customer Service

  • Address feedback, complaints and concerns promptly, providing effective solutions to logistical issues.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to high-level customer service by setting an example for the team.

Effective Communication

  • Cultivate and maintain relationships within the organization and with external stakeholders.
  • Offer technical guidance and support to the team as needed.
  • Prioritize work goals to align with business plans and strategies.
  • Share knowledge of operational management practices with other TVH Group business units..

Management and Leadership

  • Provide clear leadership to the India CCI Team, ensuring staff have the necessary skills.
  • Exemplify TVH Group values and behaviors, fostering a culture of involvement, communication, trust, and excellence.
  • Coordinate daily departmental activities, support problem-solving, and manage staff resources effectively.
  • Foster a high-performance team culture and positive work environment.
  • Establish mechanisms for monitoring work progress and ensuring quality outcomes.
  • Delegate tasks according to employee capabilities and set expectations for underperforming staff through a collaborative approach.
  • Hold yourself accountable for team outcomes and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations across the department.

What You Need

  • Bachelor's degree in logistics, supply chain, business administration, or equivalent work experience.
  • Essential experience in both logistics and purchasing functions, preferably within materials handling, industrial aftermarket, automotive components, or related service industries.
  • Proven track record in sourcing and vendor management.
  • Strong leadership skills with experience in managing diverse teams, including both white-collar and blue-collar staff.
  • Excellent customer service focus and ability to handle challenging customer situations effectively.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate across the organization, negotiate, resolve conflicts, and influence outcomes with stakeholders regardless of formal hierarchy.
  • Experience in budgeting and cost management.
  • Capacity to contribute to broader business objectives as part of an executive team.
  • Proficiency in managing purchasing, inventory, and stock distribution using ERP systems.


• Robust leadership and interpersonal skills, adept at guiding and empowering teams based on inclusive "We are One" principles.

• Exceptional written and verbal communication skills adaptable to diverse backgrounds, experiences, and education levels.

• Proficient in negotiation and influence, capable of driving impactful outcomes.

• Strong analytical, problem-solving, and organizational abilities, coupled with data gathering and analysis proficiency.

• Adaptable to fast-paced environments, skilled at surmounting challenges, and managing multiple projects with precision and attention to detail.

• Highly skilled in organizational and time management.

• Demonstrates sound judgment and decisive decision-making abilities.

• Self-motivated and adaptable.

• Ambitious, independent, and eager to push boundaries, both personally and within the organization.

Work Environment, Health & Safety

  • Adhere to Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) requirements outlined in the WHS Roles and Responsibilities within the WHS Management System.
  • Lead by example, showcasing a strong commitment to safety.
  • Encourage a culture of safety in the workplace and hold oneself and others accountable for safe practices.
  • Follow all TVH Workplace Health and Safety policies.
  • Abide by and follow safe working procedures as directed.
  • Keep work area clean and organized.

People are at our heart

TVH is a global business with a family atmosphere, where people are at the center. We value clarity, mutual respect, kindness and open communication. Our people are down-to-earth, easy to work and engage with. We welcome differences and celebrate new ideas.

About TVH

TVH is a parts specialist for quality parts and accessories for material handling, industrial vehicles, and construction and agricultural equipment. Working at TVH is opting for a company that excels as an international market leader and is well-known for its unstoppable craving for innovation.

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