Diversity & Inclusion

We’re committed to progress

We’re creating a diverse working environment where everyone is welcome. Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, we want to inspire and challenge you. We want to help you thrive. And we want to take your career to the next level. And it doesn’t stop at race and gender. We also encourage diverse thoughts, lives and work experiences.

Diversity is always a work-in-progress

Like our parts business, we will never stop improving.
That’s why we strive to be more welcoming, more inclusive and more diverse year-on-year.

Creating a culture
of belonging

In the office? At home? Or in a social situation? Wherever you are, you can count on TVH to create an environment where everyone belongs.

Embracing every part

It takes all types of parts, working as one, to make
a machine last longer. That’s why we respect and celebrate every person here. And at TVH, there’s no pressure to be anything you are not.

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