A little nudge in the
right direction

We believe that everyone should feel good at work.
Including you! With our Nudge program, we’re committed to supporting everyone’s healthy, active and balanced lifestyles.


We want our culture to be as positive, open and humane as possible.


By giving employees a small nudge a day through all kinds of positive influences.


By encouraging healthy choices day in, day out, they can become routine in the long-term.

Global Nudge activities

  • Every year, we organize two global one day challenges. By doing the same exercises with colleagues from across the globe, we draw attention to physical and mental well-being in a playful way. Recent one day challenges include the planking challenge and the flamingo challenge.
  • TVH guides colleagues on a Life Changing Journey. Six months long, our "Nudge Stars” train for a quarter triathlon, under the professional guidance of Energy Lab. This journey incorporates a positive lifestyle in many ways, from healthy food to nurturing a positive mindset. In short, everything our Nudge program is all about.