TVH is looking for football fans, cyclists, gamers ... in eye-catching employer branding campaign

TVH is looking for football fans, cyclists, gamers ... In eye-catching employer branding campaign

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TVH is looking for football fans, cyclists, gamers ... In eye-catching employer branding campaign

TVH is looking for amateur cooks, shower singers, sweet dads, cool moms, Dungeon Masters and more. That is the message of the new and eye-catching employer branding campaign. With over 250 open vacancies, this company is stepping up its efforts in the war for talent. For this, TVH especially brings its well-known humanity and warm family culture into play. 

TVH has experienced strong growth in recent years, which led to many new job openings. Thanks to the striking new campaign, the company hopes to fill these in soon.


To attract the necessary workforce in the prevailing war for talent, TVH launches a new employer branding campaign called 'Every Single Part Counts', which highlights the versatility of its employees.

"At TVH, we see our people as more than just colleagues, because 'every single part counts'. This includes the aspects we don't usually see in the workplace", says CEO Dominiek Valcke. "We firmly believe that it is thanks to the diverse personalities and backgrounds that TVH has grown so strong over the years. By focusing 100% on our employees and their interests in our new campaign, we show that everyone here is given the space to be who they are."

In addition to a strongly people-oriented employer branding campaign, TVH also organises numerous activities for its employees. There is a party committee, and colleagues can, for example, join the TVH choir, or exhibit self-made art in the corridors. The company also promotes a healthy lifestyle through its Nudge programme.

"TVH is a very people-oriented company”, Peter Geiregat, Chief People Officer at TVH, continues. "We attach great importance to family values. To this day, this translates into a great deal of attention to well-being, ranging from health and nutrition to a park with sports fields and opportunities to relax; because that is part of working at TVH as well.


It is necessary for TVH to distinguish itself from other companies in West Flanders and the surrounding area, definitely given the current labour market tightness. No less than 250 vacancies are available across all departments.

"We are looking for a lot of new colleagues at TVH", says Peter Geiregat. "For different positions, ranging from technical support to many digital and IT roles. In other words, very diverse profiles within a company that has much to offer. As a world leader with headquarters in Belgium, we offer tons of development opportunities, also internationally. Moreover, the fact that we are strongly committed to the well-being of our employees is very important to us."


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