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Sustainability champion: TVH obtains new international certificate

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Sustainability champion: TVH obtains new international certificate

As of 25 October, TVH may call itself SDG Champion. Indeed, the company reached the second level in the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) sustainability trajectory.

TVH was one of the first Belgian companies to receive the UNITAR certificate of SDG Pioneer in 2020. This constituted international recognition for corporate sustainability. Specifically, TVH garnered the highest praise during the last audit for its recycling efforts, ergonomic work environment, and extensive electric vehicle fleet and infrastructure. Now, TVH has also reached the next level, i.e. becoming SDG Champion.

Anton Theunynck, Global Sustainability Manager at TVH: "To our company, sustainability is of strategic importance. This clearly helped to convince the jury, as did our choice to commit to specific SDGs, through targets and measurements. A final convincing element was our policy to have key actors, such as the board, management and focus groups, take on a specific role, all the while providing the necessary cross-pollination. We were also given some homework: translating all of this into bigger strategic actions."

Corporate Sustainability

UNITAR wants to offer governments and organisations a compass for corporate sustainability, based on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs). To receive UNITAR certification in Belgium, a company must realise actions for all 17 SDGs and obtain the Voka Charter Corporate Sustainability at least three years in a row. TVH meets both conditions.