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Agile Coach
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May 7, 2024
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IT & Data

A Servant leader and a coach who is responsible for helping the cross-functional teams members communicate, coordinate, and cooperate.  He/she assists the team in meeting its delivery goals through facilitating key ceremonies/governance bodies and events, and daily team communications.
He/she helps educate the team in Scrum, Built-in Quality and SAFe and ensure that the agreed Agile processes are followed. He/she also helps remove impediments and foster an environment for high-performing team dynamics, continuous flow and relentless improvement.

Your role and responsibilities

Exhibit Lean Agile Leadership and promote best practices

  • The specialty skills that support adopting Agile practices, ensuring no substantial gaps, and that the team knows how to plan, execute, review and retrospect. In addition, you can actively coach Agile teams and help each Agile Team achieve Team Flow.

Support the Product Owner to facilitate team’s progress towards the committed goal, and lead team’s effort in relentless improvement.
Since the Product Owner is accountable for maximizing the solution’s (product) value resulting from the team’s work, an essential aspect of the Agile Coach is supporting the PO. They do this by:

  • Helping the team understand and apply the tools and techniques for Customer-Centricity and Design Thinking to build the right thing at the right time.

  • Ensuring the team understands the need for clear and concise team backlog items and aligns to the ART’s capacity allocation for each work item type.

  • Helping the team apply empirical planning and development where progress is evaluated based on observation and experimentation of working solutions in small increments.

  • Facilitating stakeholder collaboration as requested or needed.

Facilitate key ceremonies and meetings.

  • You're accountable for that all team events take place and are positive, productive and kept within the timebox.  You can facilitate the events or let the team self-manage and facilitate their own events. Rotating the responsibilities for facilitating events and meetings is essential to the team’s growth and its ability to self-manage.

Eliminate impediments to improve efficiency of teams.

Foster an environment for high-performing team dynamics, continuous flow and relentless improvement. You can significantly improve the team’s flow of work, eliminating bottlenecks, delays, and waste. This coaching often includes the following activities:

  • Establish the team kanban/scrum board.

  • Measure and optimize flow : Agile Coach helps the team establish metrics to assess and improve its overall performance.

  • Build Quality in - Agile Teams operate in a fast, flow-based system to develop and release high-quality business capabilities quickly. The Agile Coach helps achieve this by coaching Built-in quality practices, which enable fast, reliable execution and helps ensure that needed and frequent changes are made efficiently and effectively.

Coordinate with other product / delivery teams to ensure alignment on potential dependencies

  • You help teams apply Scrum within the development cadence and synchronization of the Agile Release Train (= group of Agile Teams). This cadence and synchronization facilitate alignment, dependency management, Release on Demand and fast integrated learning cycles.

Collaborates with Release Train Engineers to report on team capacity, delivery progress, risk mitigation and dependency management.

How to succeed / Your profile

  • Experience facilitating governance meetings/ceremonies and design thinking workshops.

  • Knowledge of DevSecOps Methodologies.

  • Knowledge of Different Agile Methodologies, such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, …

  • Hands on experience with SDLC tools such as Confluence, Jira or equivalent process tools.

  • Customer-focused and result driven.

  • Good communicator, convince & influence.

  • Constructive attitude.

  • Empathic - Support the team by displaying an authentic understanding and concern for a team member’s beliefs or feelings. In turn, the team is more likely to build relationships with others, resulting in higher levels of collaboration and performance. Empathy is a crucial ingredient of trust, which is essential for people to accept and welcome coaching.

  • Creative and analytic.

  • Conflict navigator - Supports team members in resolving interpersonal conflicts, problem-solving, and decision-making.  The Agile Coach helps teams move from conflict to constructive disagreement as a catapult for high performance.

  • Servant Leader - Persuades rather than use authority. As servant leader, Agile Coach focus on the needs of team members and those they serve, intending to achieve results aligned with the organization’s values, principles, and business objectives.  They have choices in how they collaborate with the team depending on the situation and their accountability for team performance.  Agile Coach should have options for achieving their responsibilities. For example, when it comes to events their accountability should be ‘ensuring that all team events take place and are positive, productive, and kept within the timebox.’  Agile Coach can facilitate the events or let the team self-manage and facilitate their own events. Rotating the responsibilities for facilitating events and meetings is essential to the team’s growth and its ability to self-manage.

  • Mentor - Supports the personal development of team members, helping them gain a continuous learning mindset. They guide the team to find solutions to their problems independently instead of being given the answers.

  • Transparent - The Agile Coach is open to feedback and appreciates transparency from others. They help the team provide transparency for ensuring artifacts are inspected, identifying significant differences between expected and actual results, and detecting anti-patterns.

  • Coach - the Agile Coach understands and educates the team on methods beyond Scrum, such as Kanban, Flow, Built-in Quality and more. They often have advanced training and experience in one or more technical and business domains.

What's in it for you
You will become part of a people-oriented company where your well-being really matters. Flexible working hours, work from home possibilities, 20 days holiday and 12 WTR days within a 40-hour week. At our headquarters you will also discover our TVH Park, a green area where you can move around and have the possibility to relax, meet or have lunch. Furthermore, we also offer:

  • An attractive salary package with extra-legal benefits such as group and hospitalization insurance, luncheon vouchers, corporate restaurant, ...

  • An exciting position in an international company with a family atmosphere where people are at the center.

  • You are part of a dynamic entrepreneurial team that is fast-growing and at the center of the transformation. 

  • You arrive in an innovative, progressive and technological environment.

  • Numerous opportunities for personal development, among other things through permanent guidance and professional (internal/external) training courses.

  • Fun afterworks and other optional events (e.g. TVH Kaffee).

People are at our heart

TVH is a global business with a family atmosphere, where people are at the center. We value clarity, mutual respect, kindness and open communication. Our people are down-to-earth, easy to work and engage with. We welcome differences and celebrate new ideas.

About TVH

TVH is a parts specialist for quality parts and accessories for material handling, industrial vehicles, and construction and agricultural equipment. Working at TVH is opting for a company that excels as an international market leader and is well-known for its unstoppable craving for innovation.


Stephanie Luypaert [C]

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