CoE Lead Analysis


CoE Lead Analysis
IT & Data
29 Dec, 2022
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IT & Data


As Center of Excellence Lead you are responsible for the practice within a squad and follow-up of a set of CoE members, in order to achieve an optimal functioning of IT and contribute to the realization of the departmental goals with regard to delivery, quality, cost, timing and customer satisfaction. 

You strengthen Global alignment on Competence Management, being a core member working on the Global CoE backlog, in order to focus on Mastery and Craftsmanship

You coordinate and organise technical activities of the software development squads, assisting in the translation of (business) requirements, in order to deliver efficient and qualitative solutions. 

You think about and take actions with regard to the improvement of the processes, software quality and the daily functioning of the CoE members within the existing frameworks in order to strengthen the cooperation with the business and/or (end)user

You coach, motivate and stimulate development of the CoE members (through on the job coaching, pair programming, continuous feedback, follow-up interviews, providing training, recruitment …) in order to grow their competences

You build everything with the “you build it, you run it” culture in mind, in order to strengthen the ownership of all squad members

You constructively communicate with your CoE members and fellow CoE leads, as well as stimulate a good collaboration with other departments, in order to connect those working to a greater purpose focused on business outcomes.

You live the job of your CoE members, by working for a minimum of 50% of his/her time in a squad. Meaning refining, reviewing, testing… in order to deliver value

You propagate First Time Right, in order to prevent re-iterations over multiple sprints and keep the Time to Market within the expectations of business. 

You contribute to Quality Days, in order to avoid systemic outages caused by a lack of quality awareness, knowledge sharing, impact analysis, testing or security awareness.


  • Master ICT or equivalent by experience
  • Min 5 years of relevant professional experience in software development
  • Good people management skills
  • Organisational and planning skills
  • Communicatively strong
  • Reliable and discrete, positive attitude
  • Diplomatic and problem solver
  • Stress-resistant and flexible attitude
  • Sense of responsibility and initiative
  • Decisive


  • A competitive salary with benefits such as a company car, meal vouchers and insurance.
  • Flexible working hours and a healthy work-life balance. 
  • 20 paid vacation days and 12 WTR days. 
  • An easily accessible work location, no traffic congestion. 
  • Lots of support and an encouraging team of co-workers. 
  • An infectious ‘We Are One’ can-do mentality. 
  • A people-centric culture where your fitness and mental well-being matter.
  • Healthy lunches and weekly fruit days. 
  • Lunch breaks and sports facilities in TVH Park, the company’s green zone.
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning and many in-house and external training courses. 
  • Fun afterworks and other optional events (e.g. TVH Kaffee).
Pieter Dingemans

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