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Global Market Manager
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Dec 4, 2023
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Global Market Manager

  • Responsible for the creation and execution of mid/long- term global strategy (taking into account a.o. purchasing policy, sales, development, customer needs, marketing, etc…) for the designated equipment (sub)market within TVH with the objective of maintaining or increasing the company’s presence within that market. 

  • In his/her role, the market manager is responsible for adequately translating the global (sub)market strategy to all stakeholders involved to make sure that the necessary buy-in is obtained in order to achieve the commercial objectives

  • Tracking & steering the overall performance of your product categories (agri specific) + (sub)markets and collaborating closely with various colleagues from P&P, Market Management, DCM; Sales, Pricing, Marketing, Supply chain,... This both locally (as lead in the divisional Market Mgmt Cornerstone Meeting) and globally.

Result Area 1 : 

  • As a market manager you are solely responsible for the composition and execution of the global equipment market strategy of your designated market that is aligned with the corporate strategic plan.

  • Understand the market evolutions and customer needs and integrate them into your strategic plan by defining growth opportunities, innovations & expansions of the equipment market,

  • Underpinning your growth strategy with the necessary data & competitor and spend analyses and determining the impact through business cases

  • Convincingly communicate your equipment market strategy to Management (global cornerstone meeting / Commercial & Growth meeting) and throughout the company existing meeting structures (Emea Sales mgmt Meeting, Divisional cornerstone, etc…), so that it is known and supported by everyone who must contribute to a successful execution of the plan. 

  • Align and liaise with the corporate department (Strategic Market Manager) in making sure that the budget cycle is linked to the (sub)market strategy so that the regions have the right input in defining their budget per (sub)market. 

Result Area 2:

  • Define the necessary global actions in line with the equipment market strategy and corporate priorities. Manage and communicate these centrally and transparently via the project roadmaps, this always in close collaboration with TIS, DCM, P&P, Supply chain, Pricing, Sales and Marketing on a global level. 

  • Steer & coordinate smooth execution with key stakeholders (Eg. TIS teams, DCM, etc…) to guarantee full ownership and buy-in for the strategy by making sure that departmental planning/initiatives are in line with the bigger picture drawn in your equipment markets strategy.

  • Propose global market development projects to expand your product range in line with customer needs (fleets) and expectations and globally oversee the entire End-to-End process 

  • Steering & supervising a smooth overall execution of the development projects via frequent consultation meetings initiated by you

  • Regularly report progress or any problems through your consultation with your supervisor, Cornerstones, Steerco's …

  • Govern consistency of your portfolio in line with the commercial strategy

  • Propose process optimizations to improve internal operations and ensure quality & availability of the range 

Result Area 3

Guard the commercial performance of your assigned (sub)market and projects by monitoring turnovers, margins, costs, offer from stock, SKU rotation evolution, etc… 

  • Regularly carry out global and regional data analysis through alignment with the pricing department and convert red flags into improvement proposals that contribute to the set growth targets. 

  • Follow up newly launched products/models and monitor sales, margin, stock levels

  • Set-up cross-departmental (sales, DCM/P&P, pricing, etc…) actions in order to counter possible negative evolutions concerning the designated market.  

Result Area 4

Detect possible interesting negotiations with OEM manufacturers or sources that might lead to tighter relationships/partnerships or improved buying conditions.

  • set-up and maintain strong relationships with major OEM players within the market

  • Scan and analyze the essential OES brands for the biggest OEM makes and liaise with DCM on which OES brands to put focus in view of partnerships in view of solidifying our position in the market.

Result Area 5

Provide technical commercial support to both the Commercial and Growth division on general market issues as well as on the different market projects that are ongoing or will be set-up in the future. 

  • Keep track of the supplier market and product evolution to support TIS teams in view of negotiations.

  • Monitor the overall OE source portfolio for you market and indicate opportunities

  • Set up/give commercial/technical info sessions about the range within the market to Sales and Marketing

  • Supervise a good representation of the market (Always on, E-commerce, Social Media, Trade shows, PR....) and share suggestions for improvement

  • Give commercial / technical support to customers at the request of sales

Result Area 6:

Build up & maintain a strong network with new and existing potential customers, external experts, suppliers, etc in view of further expanding the market knowledge within TVH and achieving the pre-defined goals for the market.


  • Frequent contact with internal and external key stakeholders 

  • Constantly scan for new contacts (through various channels) that can contribute to the further growth of the designated equipment (sub)market 

 Result area 7: 

As a global market manager you continuously remain up to date on evolutions taking place within your equipment (sub)market in order to know the latest trends, changes that might impact & benefit our business.


•   Read dedicated literature

•   Follow up the developments taking place in the markets

•   Collect relevant information via trade shows, visits, websites, etc…

•   Actively participate in debates, briefings, brainstorm sessions, etc… 

•   Follow the necessary trainings that might contribute to the personal development or that of the market. 


Billi Kiester

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